Get Valid Colloidal Silver Info From an Activist

There has been something interesting going on in the colloidal silver info industry: there’s a split; the two sides promote very different ideas of what constitutes true colloidal silver.

In 1975, the electro-colloidal method for making colloidal silver offered advanced colloidal silver info and loads of mom and pop businesses began making colloidal silver generators.

Colloidal Silver info now benefits anyone that takes it into their daily lives, because we now make it better than it ever was made by Big Pharma when they used colloidal silver on 133 medical conditions…with FDA Authorization.

Pharmaceutical companies will lose billions when we all start using it

This is the reason for the mis-information campaign launched by the FDA “drug thugs.” It is clear that their purpose corrupts colloidal silver info- in flagrant disregard of the agency’s mandate.

The FDA manages to make it difficult for the beginner to investigate colloidal silver info.  We all thought we could trust the FDA for the truth. Apparently we were wrong.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to discern what is good colloidal silver info.

Some organizations are increasingly recognizing the problem and providing junior researchers with the opportunity to know the truth, but it is mixed in with opinion and therein lies the rub. Everyone has something to promote. Companies want you to buy your colloidal silver generator from them. Darn few of them are free.

Believe it or not, you can easily make a colloidal silver generator.
Equipment for making colloidal silver generators can be very simple. You do not have to be an electrical engineer to create a simple transformer generator. There is a book that indicates the type of transformer that works; you likely have one around the house.

Colloidal silver info can help you find the kind of silver wire to get, the size of silver particles needed, and the right electric current and the various sources you can get this from; everything you need can be obtained from an activist that is known industry-wide.

When you make or buy your own colloidal silver machine you will know what the dose of colloidal silver should be. A little goes a long way in the eyes of most researchers.

You will know the four tests to ensure you make medical grade or if you choose to buy product, you will know some of the reputable bottlers.

Whatever you choose, we know you will help make colloidal silver a household word

…and that’s all that matters; that and saving the lives of your loved ones.

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